Monthly Meditation: Grounding

Monthly Meditation: Grounding

What is Grounding Meditation?

Boho Energy’s guided meditations emphasize self care and love to be your anchor.

Connecting to life force energy is the foundation of a meditation practice. In other words, grounding.Grounding offers you the opportunity to come back to your center, to yourself, to this moment. Through grounding, you can simply be in a moment–present and alive. What’s more, is that you can visit this grounding space at any time when you need it. Meditation is healing, and when an individual isn’t grounded they may feel spacey, clumsy, stuck, not themselves, and not connected. Grounding helps us embody our spirit and spiritual energy, as a natural protection.

A Grounding Meditation

Let’s take a moment and ground ourselves.

Gently inhale, and slowly exhale

Breathe in, and notice your belly rise

Falling heavy, and deep with your exhale

As you read this, start to take note of your rhythm

How does it feel today? Slow & Steady? Quick & Narrow? A mixture of both…

Breathe in……allowing yourself to be. To be in this moment.

Feeling each exhale and releasing what is no longer needed

Knowing full well you are safe and secure

Breathing in, place yourself into your feet, your heels, the soles of your feet, your toes

On the exhale, grow roots from the bottoms of your feet into the ground

Into the Earth, breathing in and noticing how the roots remain strong with your inhale

Growing deeper with every exhale, seeing the beauty of the roots. Your roots.

Do they have flowers? Vines? What shade of color are the roots that you’re growing….

Breathe in, and sink into your roots with your next exhale

Sit here for a moment. Feeling the rhythm of your breaths that you’ve created

Seeing the support you have so kindly given yourself

Believing that you are loved and full of joy and purpose

Breathe in, and thank yourself for being here today. Namaste.

Boho Energy--Be Naturally Aligned.