The Many Benefits of Children’s Yoga

The Many Benefits of Children’s Yoga

Why Children’s Yoga?

I regularly hear, “what are the benefits of children’s yoga?” and “will yoga help my child?”. I love to hear these questions! I can relate and easily provide personal insights from my young daughter’s yoga practice. To me, children’s yoga is the perfect way for kids to have fun but also learn skills they’ll use throughout their lifetime.

Children’s Yoga Provides Critical Exercise 

First and foremost, exercise is incredibly important for kids. It’s probably no surprise, but current CDC statistics show that children are exercising less and less today. And, as we know, they need to move their bodies in order to grow physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. Luckily, all you need for yoga is a teacher, a safe space, and the commitment to attend a class! At Boho Energy, children have the chance to get up and move around in a free, flowing state of bliss which releases energy, helps them gain awareness, and have fun being themselves with like minded friends. 

The beauty behind children’s yoga classes is that they’re held in a noncompetitive environment, where anybody can participate despite their skill or experience level. No matter their ability, yoga develops strength and flexibility within children’s muscles which increases their fine and gross motor skills. 


Children’s Yoga Teaches Life Long Skills

Aside from the numerous physical benefits, children’s yoga also introduces kids to both meditation and breathwork. These valuable techniques are not only important now, but also in the future  throughout the milestones of their  development. Through these practices, they will gain a better understanding of their feelings, thoughts, and actions by paying attention to their breath. While in a pose, their deep breathing sends a signal to their brain which tells the body it’s okay to calm down, to slow down and be. This allows a child to feel safe and secure on their own terms.

An additional benefit to children’s yoga is that children learn to follow the directions from their teacher’s but, also, to follow their own innate compass for life. Through regular yoga practice, they improve their manners and become more confident in themselves and their daily choices.

Children’s Yoga is Fun!

But, let’s talk about the fun of children’s yoga! When I teach yoga at Boho Energy, I make fun a foundation of each class. I think we can all agree that children are much more engaged when they’re having fun–especially with friends! When I lead children through a yoga class, I use various games, storytelling, and other “play” aspects during each session. Children are encouraged to help guide the class by naming a pose, sharing a story, or simply seeing how long they can balance in one position. In my experience, participation allows children to  see  and believe in themselves, which boosts their personal self esteem and confidence.

I’m also a fan of playing fun games during each class. Different games align kids with different intentions. For example, memory games help train their memory, and partner poses encourage cooperation with one another. Storytelling is also highlighted within each class to teach, engage, and connect with kids. 

In addition, exploring their imagination allows children to deepen their focus and concentration skills. This skill also allows them to guide their goals in life. This break for fun also provides relief with self processing and decompression. As we know, the modern child lives in a fast-paced world full of technology and screen time. Opening up their imagination and allowing this creativity to naturally flow through them encourages cognitive development and problem solving skills.  

Children are getting to know who they are and will be on this continuous journey for many years. Through yoga classes, they have time to connect with not only themselves, but also to others around them. Through creative thinking, these experiences allow children to effectively respond to various situations and evolve into the best version of themselves.

Join Us At Boho Energy.

At Boho Energy, we pride ourselves on meeting children where they are and providing them with these important life-long skills. Your child will experience a fun and energetic setting, with new friends.

Wow– exercise, life skills, and fun? That’s a powerful trio of benefits for children of any age–and Boho Energy welcomes your child anytime! 

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