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Today’s world is full of stress, which is easily absorbed by the human body. Since vital energy flows through our bodies, the impact of stress is seen through anxiety, illness, and tension. At Boho Energy, our certified staff provide energy healing through Reiki, Children’s Yoga, and Meditation for improved energy and authentic wellness. When you’re ready, come ground with us.


Reiki energy healing opens a space to create & learn a practice that’s true for you, to align with your authentic self through personal transformation. It’s like a natural conversation with yourself where you give yourself space to listen, shift, and grow. Feeling is healing, and Reiki allows you to give yourself permission to release what is no longer serving you, listen to your inner wisdom, and call back your energy.  NOTE: ALL backgrounds are welcomed and respected.

Children's Yoga

As a mother myself, I discovered tools to encourage my open, vibrant, five-year-old to focus, strengthen her gifts, and strive to be her best self. This journey of discovery led me to children’s yoga. Children’s yoga can improve focus, memory, self-esteem, classroom behavior, and reduce stress, anxiety in children.* Boho Energy’s children yoga classes are super fun, playful, and transforming! Each child learns how to connect with their mind, body, and soul to develop valuable life skills that guide them along!


Meditation is your healing practice to enlightenment by reducing stress, shifting your thought patterns, and creating clarity in your life. Boho Energy provides a space for you to confidently cultivate a mindful practice that serves you! Meditation circles are offered, along with one on one coaching sessions. I’d love to meet where you are at in your life, when you’re ready, come ground with me!

Hey, I’m Erica!

Your Connection to Well Being 

Welcome to Boho Energy! I’m excited your journey has led you here. Together, I know we can help you connect to your inner wellbeing to uplift, restore, and ease into your authentic self each and everyday. 

Long ago, I realized while working in the service industry that life is like a double edged sword–one side is fulfilling and rewarding, while the other is draining and overworking. It took time to become aware of what was needed to let go and change, especially after becoming a mother in 2017. Shifts started to occur with each small step into a mindful, daily practice. A practice that was created by listening to my intuition, slowing down, and learning my own energy. These changes all led me to becoming an Energy Healer.

Today, I’m an Energy Healer attuned with Usui Reiki Levels 1 & 2. I currently practice by appointment from a studio in Hudson and/or through online sessions. In addition, I recently became a certified Children’s Yoga Instructor. In 2022, I will offer community meditation classes at Boho Energy for even more wellness outreach. 

Reiki Therapy

What will I receive in a Reiki session?

Reiki is an ancient, Japanese energy healing practice that offers alignment to your natural being with true intentions. ‘Rei’ meaning spirit and ‘ki’ meaning universal energy, is the connection between you and your higher self. The ancient Japanese practice is based on energy principles and is currently used in hospitals, various medical settings and through private practice. A professional Reiki healer must be certified through Level 1 training, with additional training to certify at  Level 2 or the master level.  

We, as energetic beings, hold energy that isn’t ours and/or is no longer serving us in our space at this time. The enlightening aspect of Reiki is that these energies can be released in a safe, open space for you to feel lighter and brighter.

Throughout a Reiki session you’ll be experiencing intuitive insight given to you in a peaceful environment with both the healers hands and crystals. You will become naturally aligned with who you are, through the basics of Reiki, by cleansing your aura and releasing energy with loving intention.

Ultimately, Reiki allows you to become the best version of yourself. At Boho Energy, you can improve the flow of energy around your body so you can relax, achieve your dreams, and rediscover who you really are in this world.

Children’s Yoga Classes

What are the benefits of children’s yoga?

Progress is never ending, and our Children’s Yoga provides physical, mental, and emotional growth for young individuals. Yoga gives children the time to sit and decompress while gaining confidence and building valuable decision making skills. 

Boho Energy allows children to play and use their imagination, to evolve into better versions of themselves by slowing down and exercising both their mind and body. These are fantastic life skills that provide an opportunity to connect with others, have better insight, and learn how to respond differently (and efficiently) in various situations–all while having fun! 

Children will experience story telling, imaginative poses, and laughter throughout each session at Boho Energy! Our instructors’ fun sessions include singing, games, and playful movement. Children will end their practice with an increased sense of empathy and compassion. Our goal is to guide them to become more aware of themselves, and the world around them. This is achieved by teaching them to pay better attention to their breathing and understanding their feelings and actions through meditation.

Meditation Practice

What can meditation do for you?

The stress of everyday life affects our bodies in many ways that we can’t see. The regular practice of meditation, which helps to focus the mind and relax the body, has been found in research to reduce pain, anxiety and depression*. Meditation is also known to increase creativity, intuition and overall self confidence. 

Simply put, meditation is trusting your inner guidance. It’s connecting you to your highest self by raising your consciousness, gaining clarity, and relaxing in a peaceful, present state that’s best for you. Creating a daily practice will empower you to find calmness, focus, and happiness from the inside, out. Meditation is also known to increase creativity, strengthen your intuition, and improve self worth. It’s a whole natural health system!

While meditation is a centuries old practice, many of us are now discovering the beneficial gifts to developing a mindful, daily practice. Boho Energy provides essential, easy tools for you to align your mind, body, and spirit during both classes and coaching sessions. During a Meditation class you will be given an intuitive, guided meditation to ground, release, and grow with other like-minded souls in the community. Coaching sessions will be offered for individuals who are needing to redirect their energy in a deepening, more profound way. Realize who you already are, in this present moment, by meditating at Boho Energy.


“I just want you to know that I am so grateful for your reading today. You are very gifted and there were many times that I felt what you were reading/ experiencing. There’s so much in what you shared that I have already been working on within my mind. Thank you!!! I feel quite blessed to know you!”

“Good Morning Erica, thank you again for last night’s session! That was awesome, I really appreciated it. It really intrigues me and I want to learn more!”

“Ah!!! That’s amazing!! I would love to talk and share what I felt too. I love this and just starting, you are already so intuitive and so clear! Thank you sooooo much!!!!! I feel so relaxed, sleepy, and in my body–which I haven’t all day. Let’s talk tomorrow!”

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