If I had to guess, your life is pretty hectic or stressful in its own ways. Sometimes you notice shallow breathing, your body feels tight, and your mind is racing with thoughts. Sound familiar? You’re not alone! If there’s one thing I can recommend to ease these issues, it’s meditation. 

Benefits of Meditation

Indeed, guided meditations have provided balance and harmony in all aspects of life since 1500 BCE. It allows you to be present and aware of the conversation in your head, as well as intentional with your time and energy. Truly, meditation expands your consciousness in a serene, peaceful way. When you practice meditation, you connect yourself to your inner guidance for more clarity. 

In addition, meditation has been shown to decrease stress, worry, anxiety, and self-bullying. Your body will experience decreased tension, pain, and inflammation, for natural healing. You’ll also enjoy increased gratitude and transcendence into your higher self.

How to Meditate

There are many meditation styles and practices for you to explore and grow into. The three basic types of meditation are: focus, awareness, and guided visualization. Each one is powerful in its own way and can help you achieve optimal results. 

Surprisingly, the logistics behind meditation are quite simple, and easy to follow along. First, your body position needs to be comfortable and relaxed. Some people choose to sit, lay down, stand, or even walk. It’s truly up to you and what feels right in the moment. If you are able to, your next step is to either gaze your eyes softly upon an object or gently close them. Additionally, you’ll want to choose a resting hand position–either face down or face up. As you settle into your meditation, notice the effects you feel with each position choice. 

It’s best to create a sacred space for your daily practice, where you feel comfortable enough to take care of yourself. Begin with a yoga stretch or sit for a minute in stillness, to allow yourself to “simply be” where you’re at. At first, begin with 2-10 minutes of meditation and increase as you go through your practice. You’ll ideally want to practice each day so you can develop your skills for a more meaningful habit.

Types of Meditation

A good meditation practice for beginners is a “concentration guided meditation”. This can be done by looking at a candle light flame, or focusing on a simple affirmation or mantra. Once you’re ready to move on from this meditation, you can try an “awareness meditation”. In this practice, an individual stays neutral and allows themselves to witness thoughts and feelings without judgement. You can take note of what flows in and give it permission to flow back out of you.

The next step for advanced practitioners is “guided visualization meditation”. This is Boho Energy’s jam! In our experience, this kind of meditation helps individuals create their highest intentions through the power of imagination. Intentions, or a source of inspiration, is a guide within yourself that allows energy to flow and manifest. You’ll become more aware and notice true experiences as you connect these intentions with visualization. 

Meditation Provides Transformation

As you meditate, you may feel like nothing is happening, or perhaps everything is happening. It’s not uncommon to have feelings of anger, bliss, pain, or peace. With time, you may have vivid “dreams” and/or release of past trauma. Or, old memories may arise for you. This is all ok, as these thoughts aren’t “right or wrong” and certainly don’t define you. Simply trust that each meditation is unique and provides divinely guided intuition.

Meditation practices create an unprecedented opportunity to witness your whole self: your mental self, your emotional self, your physical self, and your spiritual self. This awareness and attention to your breath, along with relaxation, will signal to your brain that it’s safe to slow down. This is where the magic of fresh perspectives and transformation happens. Truly, meditation provides answers when you give yourself the time to be still and trust your inner guide.

Meditation at Boho Energy

If you desire more help with your practice, Boho Energy is here for you! We will offer an assortment of meditation circles for you to try. Our space is warm, friendly, and welcoming.The staff at Boho Energy will walk beside you to encourage your confidence with the tools you already have within yourself. At Boho Energy, we want you to become naturally aligned with your intuition and live your best life.

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